Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Mojo went back to vets yesterday, poor little chap almost shook himself to death with fear! vet was surprised to see him looking so well considering that he has a serious heart problem. He had asked us to try and count his beat each day, well we tried but neither of us could because it's so erratic and even the vet with his stethoscope couldn't do it so we felt a bit better at our failure. Back next Wednesday for stitches out and then he'll go on the ECG machine to see if the meds have helped. We are confident they have as he's so much happier and more like his usual self.

Gangley is going out for daily walks and has really started to enjoy them, yesterday she had a little run without stumbling but does become less coordinated towards the end of the day when she's tired! We (actually I) shall start to try and slowly increase the distance we go, suspect it's probably doing me good as well. Bit of an effort but once out it's nice getting some fresh air and spending some one on one time with her.

Orin has improved not quite himself but much better than he was.

I'm mostly on the mend but by tea time feel shattered, guess it's post viral.

Now the snow has melted we are knee deep in mud! seriously everywhere is yet again water logged and we seem to spend hours cleaning paws!

Have been  making some cards but still nothing on the scrapping front, wish my mojo would hurry up and return LOL.


What Remains Now said...

Glad everyone is doing better, and your reward...muddy paw time. Yuck.

Sue said...

Glad despite his heart Mojo is doing so well. Also glad Gangley is getting out with you.

Probably good that Orin felt so bad after the incident, as it sounds like it's made him realise his place.

Hope you continue to improve, but don't go over doing it hun.

Glad you've been doing some cards. Hope your Mojo returns soon for your scrapping.