Sunday, 27 January 2013

Difficult times

The last few weeks have been tough! I've felt ill for what feels like forever with various infections and then on Monday Orin and Mojo had a spat, in fairness to me I was feeling ghastly and it took me some time to realise Mojo has lost a piece of fur about 3 inches wide and 3 inches long came off just like he had been scalped. I had to call Eric home and he rushed him to the vets, worse was to follow they discovered he had a very erratic heartbeat and was hooked up to a ECG machine and then heart scans where they found big problems, his wound had to be stitched under a local as they couldn't risk a GA. He's now on medication and there is an improvement but when we told the vet he roars around the meadow without any signs of being out of breath he was quite shocked. Hopefully it can be kept under control with medication.

Gangley also had her yearly appt and we mention the stumbling about and sadly he thinks she has either a tumours on her brain or spinal column but more likely a wasting degenerative disease. I think we were half expecting something like this, she's on steroids which has perked her up and she's quite happy in herself but the prognosis isn't good.

Just felt like one kick in the stomach after another this week and Orin has been flexing his muscles and being a bit naughty, he obviously feels good about himself and is no longer the nervous wreck but we will have to sit on him as we don't want him becoming so dominant. Poor little man has been Billy no mates all week as the others haven't wanted to play with him and I know I shouldn't but have felt so sorry for him, paws crossed he gets the message and goes back to being the lovable clown.

Elmo really is the first choice of playmate and sleeping partner of all the hounds, he has such a lovely temperament, still lacks any recall though LOL. Couldn't resist taking this photoof him and Twizzle snuggled up.

Eric made this weather vane of Dill many years ago and has offered on the GG auction to make one for the winning bidder, it's proving very popular after just one day.

Hand is making fantastic progress and I even managed to make a few cards this week in between dying, although I did cut my finger rather than the paper with sharp scissors d'oh.

Yesterday the snow finally began to thaw and today it's gone leaving mud! what a blessing the snow was whilst I was busy dying, no muddy paws LOL. Today it is a very muddy paw day already!

Here's hoping a quiet week follows.


Sue said...

So glad you are feeling better. Hope all the dogs are doing ok and Orin in particular is learning he has to tow the line.

Loving the photo of Elmo with Twizzle.

Glad your hand is doing so well and you are enjoying making cards.

Not surprised the weather vane is causing a lot of interest it is lovely.

Well you, Eric and the pack take care.

hotpotato said...

Oh Sue what a week, so sorry to hear about the hounds and you still feeling like poo. Hope this coming week brings brighter things.

gyeong said...

That's a lot of bad news for one week. Hoping you and the pups feel better this week, and that everyone gets along.

What Remains Now said...

I HATE disagreements between thin-skinned greyhounds. My friend, Amy, had this happen with one of her hounds...about a 1" x 6" strip. It actually didn't happen during a disagreement, just general jumping around the door excitement.

I'm glad you are feeling better, but so sad to hear about the princess. For you...big heart + many helped pups = plenty of heartbreak.

We're just back from a wonderful vacation, so I'm playing catch-up with my blog reading.

Sending good thoughts your way.