Saturday, 12 January 2013

Oh dear!

What a bad blogger I am! no real reason for being AWOL except by the time I've done all my chores and wiped 27 muddy paws several times a day I've just been to tired. Like everyone I know I've been a bit under the weather.

Good news on the hand front, went to hand clinic Tuesday and she was so pleased with my progress says I don't need to go back unless a problem arises, otherwise I'll see her in the summer after next op. So I continue being good and doing the exercises and wearing the splint.

Each year I do a yearly scrapbook which is one of my favourites as it's a visual diary of our year, big stuff and just general life, I also add to the grandchildren album and the kids album and mine and Eric's album. This year I am starting some new projects.

1st Ben's first few years, My very first scrapbook was of Ben's first year with lots of hidden flaps etc and letters for him to read when he's 18 on how I felt etc, I gave it to Vikki and she can pass it on, so it suddenly dawned on me I should do another album for myself.

2nd I want to do an album of the renovation to our home, when we moved in it was awful and we camped in two rooms for many many months and I thought it would be nice to see how it changed.

3rd I did 2 albums for my parents golden wedding anniversary (my 2nd foray into scrapbooking) and have decided I want to scrap all the old photo's of past generations and my early years.

4th I made several little mini albums for my sons wedding  but as they had an official wedding album left it at that but have decided I want an album of their wedding much like I did of Vikki's.

So I think that will keep me going LOL.

As most January's I've been busy sorting and tidying the house, always happens when the decorations come down the urge to put the house IN order, I've assigned one grotty task per week.

I'm busy making lots of cards as greyhound gap are holding an emergency auction starting 26th January, they currently have 100 plus dogs some in kennels and some in foster homes, Lisa announced last week she was having to close the doors to intakes as all foster homes are full and the kennel bills are crippling BUT since then another 6 emergency hounds have had to come in, so all hands on deck as they say.

Hounds are all well with the exception of little Gangley, we've noticed she's stumbled once or twice recently so trimmed her nails and checked her ears nothing but since yesterday it has got worse so will be ringing the vets on Monday.

Sue x 


Sue said...

With only the one hound, I totally sympathise with all your muddy paws:)

Really good news about your hand.

You are going to be kept out of mischief with all those projects. Looking forward to seeing them.

I will have a look around and see what I have for ther GAP auction.

Sure hope Gangley has just sprained something.

You take care.

What Remains Now said...

Will be awaiting news on Princess Gangley and let us hear more about the auction when you know. I always like to help the houndies. What good news about your hand! Of course, I'm thrilled about all your new projects. That sounds like a year's worth of fun.

gyeong said...

Good news on your hand. Bad news about Gangley. Hope she gets good news at the vet on Monday

Declan said...

You sound a lot better organised than we are around here!! Keep well everyone. Deccy x