Monday, 31 December 2012


Well we've all had a lovely Christmas and survived without any major incidents which is a major bonus as over the last 8/9 years we've usually had something major to contend with!

Mr T asked me this morning what my New Years resolutions were, well I don't think I have any but my greatest hope is for our pack to stay as it is! and yes Mr T loved his hound album, I catch him reading it and re reading it, I think it's safe to say nothing while ever top that LOL.

I usually finish my yearly scrapbook album with a review of the year and I think this year's will be something like this.

 Elmo arrives as a foster dog for Greyhound Gap and we begin a steep learning curve in how to stop a young lurcher eating the house.

 Our darling Lucky passes away.

 I have yet another operation on my right hand.


Daughters hen party

 Orin arrives again as a foster dog for GG 

and Daughter gets married and we all have a fantastic time.

  Orin becomes a Taylor hound LOL


My brother Bob his wife Kelly and their daughter Katelyn arrive from America for Bob's sons wedding, so good spending time with them.


We do the photo shoot to lunch the publicity for this years walk.


Marc and co begin The southern Upland way walk to raise money for Greyhound Gap's kennel fund.

 the walk finishes having raised a fantastic £3,850


Another op for me left hand this time


We survive Christmas without any disasters LOL
Had an appt with my surgeon, he's pleased with the progress but wants me to carry on as is (in the bloomin splint) until March when I will go back. All being well we will then arrange the next op for left hand *groan*

So this year has mostly been good, difficult at times losing our dear old Lucky ducks, and  nursing Belle all Summer and breaking our own self imposed limit of 6 hounds was bad BUT we don't regret it but look forward to them growing up a bit and calming down PLEASEEEEEEEE she says LOL.

I have one little wish albeit a very selfish one, I hope this year brings no hidden surprises and we can start saving so Eric can build his huge shed to house the 8 motorbikes which would mean space is freed up in the garage and I get a craft room, FAT CHANCES comes to mind but I can dream.
Wishing you all a very Happy New Year with lots of love from Sue and the Taylor pack xxx


Hiking Hounds said...

I year with no hidden surprises would be great. I hope your wish does come true. Happy New Year!

Sue said...

I truly hope all your wishes come true.

Sue & Polly

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Happy New Year and no more hand surgeries! OUCH!

Jane said...

happy new year to all of you xxx

Carol said...

Happy New Year Sue - what a great year summary - fingers crossed that 2013 goes without hitch and Eric gets that shed...xx hope to see you soon xx

What Remains Now said...

Happy New Year, Sue and Eric and the whole Taylor pack! I knew Eric would love the album. What a treasure. It's so fun to look back over your year. Sadness, but so much happiness too. Gosh, a splint until March and then another surgery! YUCK! but I imagine it is for the best. Poor you though. I too send best wishes that this is a quiet year and Eric can get his shed and you can get your craft room.

gyeong said...

Happy New Year! Hope your wishes are granted.