Friday, 21 December 2012

It's finished!

Well all the pages are here in the right order (I hope), still have the opening page to do, want to put a poem on it but struggling to find what I want, something about rescuing hounds, any suggestions? also have the time line to do, was thinking maybe like a family tree but as my wrist is protesting from over use (I have sat at my PC all week trying to finish pages) I shall do it after Christmas.

We're off to my daughters at teatime little Ben is 7 today, cannot quite believe he's 7 already, times has flown!

Orin has stooped limping and Ali hounds are well but mighty fed up with the wet weather and don't talk to me about MUD! .....

Christmas is pretty much sorted, she says hopefully, decorations are up, very minimal this year as I didn't want anything to get broken and the 3 young ones would have had a ball with the tree, hey ho next year!

At the beginning of this year Mum made little hearts with the name of each of our bridge babies embroidered on, so as they can't go on the tree we've hang them from the light fitting must take a photo to share with you.

Sue x


hotpotato said...

lovely layouts Sue, I'm sure Eric will love it.

Sue said...

WOW!!!! Absolutely beautiful. Eric is going to be thrilled.

Have a lovely time with the birthday boy.

Glad all the hounds are ok.

Would love to see the hearts your mum made. That's a lovely idea.

Nic said...

Gorgeous work as always Sue. Eric is going to love it!

Declan said...

That is fantastic... Hope you all have a lovely Christmas. Deccy x

gyeong said...

Beautiful layouts. Bet your wrist is glad your done for now.

Jane said...

you have been busy, what a wonderful present Sue. I hope you, Eric and all the family have a great Christmas xx

Elaine Pritchard said...

I think that's just beautiful.


Elaine xxx

What Remains Now said...

Sue, there are no words to describe my thoughts and feelings when I see these beautiful pages. I can't even imagine how Eric will react. You must give us a blow-by-blow account when you give it to him. I'm going to sit down during my off time over Christmas and read every page. Well done! I would love to see the ornaments too. What a great idea.