Saturday, 1 December 2012

Hear no evil, see, no evil speak no evil!

The title just about sums it up LOL, these three are TROUBLE but past 2 days have been better.

Orin had his stitches checked this morning and they're fine and should be okay to come out Wednesday.

Last year my friend Jane won a free pass to Shimelle's Journal your Christmas, although I found it hard to do a page each day I did end up with a beautiful mini album that I was thrilled with. Having done 1 JYC you can do subsequent years free of charge so I shall do it again this year BUT I will pick out the prompts that appeal to me and I have decided to buy some page dividers have them at the back of my 2012 album, such big decisions LOL. I was going to go for 4 6x6 pockets to each page but have changed my mind and ordered some that have different sizes.

AND today we got the first prompt and I've done my page LOL. It's quite likely that I'll go back and tweak pages before printing as I get a better feel for it as it develops.

also working on hound pages, trying to do them in order now as that seems to work better and make the journalling flow easier.

AND I have decided to wrap 2 or 3 parcels each day, I hate wrapping and it's difficult and painful at the moment, so I shall eek it out rather than sit there for 3 days wrapping wrapping wrapping and getting more fed up with each present LOL.

Hand hurts but no where near as much as it did, off to hand clinic Wednesday for a review!

Sue x


Sue said...

Love how Elmo, Twizzle and Belle are in their own little gang:)

Hope Orin heals up ok.

Hope you enjoy doing your daily page.

Sounds a good plan to wrap a few pressies at a time.

Hope the clinic are happy with you on Wednesday.

Carol said...

Lol those three look very close x glad to hear they are behaving!

Stay warm x

Janet said...

bless them,butter wouldn't melt,
would it ???
Janet x

What Remains Now said...

Elmo, Twizzle and Belle crack me up. No way would Freedom, Casper and Nikki ever get that close to each other. I LOVE to hear about your scrapping adventures and look forward to seeing what you do with the Christmas challenge. I admire your ENORMOUS talent as a scrapbooker.

Declan said...

You really can't beat a pile of dogs...even if they are trouble! Deccy x

Declan said...

You really can't beat a pile of dogs...even if they are trouble! Deccy x

Sandra's Spot said...

The three amigos :) lovely pics. Thats is a fantastic page for the journal Sue. You are a remarkable person. Hugs Sandra X

gyeong said...

Like the Three Musketeers. Very cute.