Thursday, 6 December 2012

1 year today

since our wonderful hug monster Jim had to leave us. We miss him so much and could really do with his gentle ways to help us with these pesky babies!

 Jim's story is here

Orin has had his stitches out and is fully recovered, Elmo has had his yearly check and boosters, we were a bit shocked that he weighed in at 25kgs, he's only 23 inches to the shoulder and the vet said boy is this a muscular dog LOL. Elmo isn't a big eater but does of course spend hours roaring about. The 3 young ones have continued to be good so we're either making progress or they're hatching something big LOL

Hand clinic yesterday and Charlotte was very impressed with my finger and gave us a big at on the back, then more exercises to add to those I already do.

Been feeling a bit under the weather and had to have blood tests re done as all the markers were high and sure enough the 2nd lot came back the same, so have to go back to the Dr's grrrrrr getting mighty fed up with medical appts.

Work on the hound album progresses at an alarmingly slow rate as does the JYC class BUT I have finished wrapping Christmas presents and cards and parcels have been posted.

We are trying to decide whether to put the Christmas tree up or not, we've never not had a tree but with the 3 young ones I suspect it could be carnage, decisions to be made LOl.

Sue x


hotpotato said...

Love the photo Sue. Glad all's going well on the hand front...see you Saturday.

Sue said...

So glad the younger three are behaving and that Elmo and Orin had the ok from the vets.

Glad the clinic was pleased with you. Hope you continue to improve.

Hope your GP can get to the bottom of your blood results and you are soon feeling much better.

Hope you get more of your album done.

Could you put the tree maybe in the hall, or another room where the hounds don't usually go?

Declan said...

We understand how much you must miss Jim. He'd be very very proud of you carrying on the good work. Deccy x

What Remains Now said...

I hate to say it, but I'm suspicious of the young ones. I always say that dogs are like kids...the quieter they are, the bigger trouble they're hatching (ha). Glad you are doing so well with your hand. I haven't had a tree for two years. I used to put it up in front of the window in the living room and it looked pretty, but that's the hounds favorite look-out spot. I'm less worried about the tree and more worried about a nice rip in one of the hounds. I plan to buy a smaller table tree but let the after Christmas sales get past me last year. I'm playing the same game this year (waiting for the sales) but should just go and get one and be done with it. Back to read about your darling Jim.

What Remains Now said...

I just read Jim's story and realized that was the first time I visited your blog. The reason I'm commenting is because Casper makes that flubbery noise when he settles down for the night! I had to laugh because you described it perfectly!

gyeong said...

Glad the young'uns are being good for you. One less thing to worry about.