Thursday, 20 December 2012

Such sad news

I am so sorry that our dear friend Winnie the greyhound passed away on the 18th December. My heart goes out to her Mum Elaine and their family. Losing a pet is always heartbreaking sad but so close to Christmas I know from experience seems if it's possible too be even worse as you watch the world gear up to celebrate whilst your heart is breaking.

Through Elaine Winnie had her own blog here is a link, Winnie was loved the world over and will be very much missed, she has been a wonderful ambassador for greyhounds and we will all miss reading about her adventures.

Sleep tight dear Winnie knowing how much you were loved

Sue x


What Remains Now said...

So true, Sue. Our deepest sympathy to Elaine and the family. Winnie will be sorely missed. She was our darling digger.

Sue said...

Lovely post Sue.

Elaine Pritchard said...

Thank you so much Suzy. And your latest email was just beautiful. I bought a big box - that looks like a book - today. The title on it is "The Sweetest Story Ever Told - Vol 1". I'm going to put inside print outs of some of the lovely blog postings and comments about Winnie's passing and other mementoes.

It seems appropriate because while I believe Winnie was my heart dog there WILL be another rescue greyhound at some stage in 2013 in the Pritchard household. We need to heal a bit first though. That's just our personal choice.

Thank you again for your kindness xxx