Monday, 17 December 2012


I've been a bad blogger again, nothing terrible has happened just been under the weather and of course like everyone busy busy busy!

Seems everyone has either filthy colds or the winter vomiting bug so doing my best to avoid them LOL.

Hounds are all well and happy and Orin's limp has gone. I was very proud of them all on Friday when Dawn came to scrap. Her dog Harry had been off colour for a few days and was admitted to the vets, sadly he had cancer and the kindest thing to do for him was to let him go, of course Dawn and her family are heartbroken as is Eric he adored Harry and Harry was his work mate on Wednesday and they would sit and share his lunch Eric's not Harry's and put the world to rights. The hounds sensed how fragile Dawn was and were so good and laid there heads in her lap and were generally very quiet and well behaved.

Enjoyed crop on Saturday and have almost finished a paper LO but boy has it made my hand hurt, one never learns, progress is good and hand clinic are very pleased. Shall see the surgeon on the 28th and have x rays to see have the wrist fussing is going, praying like mad they say I can start driving. I have to miss little Ben's school Nativity tomorrow as Vikki is sick and I can't drive myself there!

A few more hound pages for Eric Christmas prezzie,  think maybe 4 more to go but it will probably have to be wrapped as a work in progress LOL.

Keeping Winnie the greyhound in my thoughts and prayers and hoping she soon is back home with her lovely family.

Sue x


gyeong said...

At least you have a good reason for not blogging. Mine is that I'm just lazy :) Hard to get up off the couch when I'm surrounded by all the pups.

Sue said...

You are really coming on with the album. Hope you get it finished, but if not I am sure it will be nice for Eric to have something to look forward to after Christmas.

Glad Orin is ok now and that the hounds took care of Dawn.

You take care and don't go over doing it.

Sandra's Spot said...

That album is awesome Sue you have done a wonderful job. Hugs Sandra X

What Remains Now said...

I love Eric's present so much, and I love the little crown you put on Gangley. Been thinking about Winnie constantly. Praying that she is alright.