Wednesday, 16 January 2013


We have snow! and it is very very cold! Eric got in the car this morning at 9am and it said temp outside was minus 9. I don't think we've ever had it that cold since we lived here. I hate wearing socks because they hurt my feet but have had to put them on today, of course the upside is no muddy paws LOL. Dogs love the snow and go all silly and giddy, tried taking a few shots but still blurred as I still can't really hold the camera.

I did get a good shot of the willow tree though!

and I'm really disappointed this is blurry, we have decided to have a family photo each January of me Eric and the pack, just haven't figured out how yet LOL.

Spent yesterday determined to finish the time line for Eric's hound album, I've been faffing around with it for weeks and just couldn't figure out how I wanted it to look, anyway it's done now and I'm quite pleased with it.

Gangley is still wobbly and we can't get her into see our preferred vet until Monday, not that she'll be venturing out in the snow LOL.

Decided today to cook! haven't cooked or baked since operation and had ripped out a recipe from a mag for goulash, substituted the turkey for quorn and made it, oh yuck not my cup of tea at all Eric said is was good so he can have it tonight LOL. How disappointing.

PS Forgot to show you this clock that Vikki and  Mathew bought us for Christmas, finally got around to adding the photo's all 18 dogs past and present, took a lot of figuring out I can tell you and it would have been better to take a photograph before hanging it up BUT I love it!


Jane said...

love the photo of the willow, we've had more snow today!

Declan said...
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Declan said...

It sure is cold isn't it? The snow makes me giddy too! You all take care. Deccy x

gyeong said...

Snow is fun, but -9 is ridiculous.

Sue said...

We had temps in the night of -11 here and it's not got above -6 all day.

Glad no muddy paws and hope the dogs continue to enjoy the snow.

Hope Gangley is ok.

Shame about the recipe, buit at least Eric will eat it:)

Glad you have finished the Timeline.

Loving the clock.

You keep safe and warm.

What Remains Now said...

So sad that Gangley hasn't improved. Love the clock. I haven't see anything like that before. We've had a real mild winter so far. Wondering if we're going to get it in February.