Sunday, 23 February 2014


Friday Dawn and I scrapped and I did this layout of me, Eric and 8 of the 9 hounds. After taking the photo of the finished layout I spotted a mistake in the journaling that will need fixing grrrr

and yesterday it was crop and I did this layout of me and Ben counting down for the Christmas lights to be switched on. I love this page that Vanessa from  papermaze crop designed and will be doing it again for sure.

Which leaves just 2 more layouts to do to finish 2013 album. I am a little behind LOL.

We've just had two days of glorious sunshine and no rain, what a treat the hounds even got to play outside and soak up sun sunshine.

Eric recently got another motorbike (think that's number 9- but only two on the road LOL) since I had my knee replaced in 2008 I couldn't manage to ride on the back of his GPZ as it's a racing style and left my knee at a painful angle HOWEVER on this new one I have a proper seat and foot plate and it's so comfy. I gave my leathers away but luckily hung on to my helmet, boots and gloves and my sister kindly lent me her gear to wear. Can't wait for some warmer days to go out and about on it. Eric has always said bikes are for riding not polishing but he has turned into a polisher with all that chrome. So going to have to document that LOL.


Sue said...

Loving the LOs.

I know you'll have fun on the bike.

hotpotato said...

love the layouts Sue. Goodness that's a bike and a all Eric needs is a trailer on the back for the hounds!

gyeong said...

Now that's a serious bike.

What Remains Now said...

Love looking at your beautiful scrapbook pages. You'll have to get a picture of you and Eric on his new bike. Looks like he'll have lots of polishing fun.