Monday, 22 June 2009

Sandy and stuff

Some days are good and others not so good. The lump is growing but Sandy despite having problems bearing any weight through the leg is happy, eating well and enjoying short walks. Medication is still controlling her pain although we have had to increase it over the weekend. Sandy still looks as beautiful as ever and hasn't lost any weight or condition which makes it all the harder to come to terms with.

Taking it day by day now.

Last week wasn't a great week for me, I got a bit down and generally fed up with all the stuff but Dawn took me to Papermaze crop on Saturday which cheered me up no end. Didn't actually do much scrapping but it was so good to go out and talk to people LOl.

Yesterday I woke up feeling much happier and made a cake then pottered around in my newly erected greenhouse before Eric frog marched me back indoors. Finished off two layouts as well.

The makeover

When Eric announced he was buying an old horsebox for £50 we all fell around laughing BUT he definitely had the last laugh when he had finished working on it and had himself a huge trailer for £69.99!!!! PP are from October Afternoon.


Eric took this photo of Lucky last week and I had to scrap it, she just looks so pretty and of course it was to good an opportunity to use pink pp to miss. PP are all scraps left over from a previous layout.

Today I have started a diet, I have gained 7lbs since the op and news of Sandy's illness. Not good for my joints or how I feel about myself!!!!


Carol said...

my dear Suzy, I've been thinking about you and how things are going...great to read your blog. Miss Sandy definately looks peaceful (and, if I might say, rather unlady like!!) laying there in front of the telly, she does look healthy, who says photos don't lie hey? Thinking of you all....hope that diet is going well....btw the dress looked AWFUL! so took it back, still looking and 3 days to go!!!!!!!roflxx

Emma said...

LOVE the way your 'Dreaming' page turned out!! Can't believe that you just 'threw' those papers together.. LOVELY!!