Wednesday, 3 June 2009

New plaster

I went to hospital yesterday and had the cast removed, stitches out, x ray and a smaller cast put back on. Back in 4 weeks so fingers crossed it heals. Unfortunately I have to remain non weight bearing as much as possible, so me and the zimmer frame are still firmly attached *groan*.

Made loads of cards last week as it was easier than trying to get to scrapping stuff but yesterday I just had to scrap and luckily still had a class kit from Ang to play with.

Even though the photo was awful with the light bleaching it out I had to use it LOl... Ben doesn't yet understand that he really shouldn't open every one's cards and presents and blow out the candles when it's not HIS birthday LOL.

Papers are from basic Grey "Granola"

Poor Sandy Woo is on house arrest with me, one of her hips has got incredibly stiff over the last few days and this morning she could hardly walk, so I see yet another trip to the vets on the horizon.


Kim Dellow said...

Wonderful Lo, I love what you have done and the colours are great. Kim

Carol said...

Wow lighter cast - fab....shame about the zimmer tho'!!

Poor ol' Sandy...hope Uncle Bill can fix her!! BTW he's really pleased with Ty's progress how FAB is that?

Hope to see you Saturday xx