Friday, 21 June 2013

Today Dawn and I scrapped yay, after losing the little bird I was feeling really sad and it was good to finally have a scrap day after Dawn being away on Holiday!

Hounds were so well behaved that I actually finally finished this layout, I had done the stitching (my first stitching for 3 years what with all the hand ops). Layout was designed by Janina for Bramford crop although mine is a little different as I went off on a tangent LOL Photo is of me and my sister in 1968 I think . Our Gran had a small caravan at Felixstowe and although it's only about 12 miles from where we lived we had several wonderful holidays there. The fancy dress costumes were made by my Mum and Gran out of crepe paper with all the bits hand stitched onto them. Quite pleased with it.


Camera still playing up but did get a photo of the tee shirt I made Eric, well I didn't make the tee shirt just ironed on the design I had made.

The taylor pack are all happy and healthy and have enjoyed the rare glimpses of the sun we see.

Sue x


Sue said...

LO is lovely.

Had to smile at Eric's t-shirt:)

Glad dogs are all doing ok.

Carol said...

what a great layout - so glad to hear that you and Dawn managed to get some "me" time today.

Glad to hear that the hounds are all doing well, shame about the bird xx

Fab t for

Hope you're ok


karen barker said...

Love the layout, and sorry to hear about the little bird

What Remains Now said...

Love the layout, and the story of the costumes is wonderful. My mom used to sew my Halloween costumes and would even make outfits for me to play make-believe in. Boggles my mind. My daughter was lucky I remembered to feed her every day (ha). I know Eric loves his shirt. How true!

Diane said...

Love the shirt, pictures and layout.

Regards diane