Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Indy has a bath

After Rocky had to have an emergency bath Saturday because he was covered in green slime Eric decided Indy should have one on Sunday. Remembered to take photo's this time LOL.

We have always found greyhounds love this form of a bath and usually their back legs collapse at some point as they become more and more relaxed.

I swear I have never seen a dog smile so much.

 See the back legs going LOL

and he's gone!

A few more photo's of the pack

 Gangley and Rocky with me, Orin in the corner and Elmo and Twiz in front

 Orin finds yet another cushion in Rocky

 Not small dog friendly hey guess Rocky thinks Gangley isn't small LOL




 Twiz why they all have to squeeze into the little bed I don't know


 Indy (Zucco)
the pack sniffing Indy after his bath!

Rocky is off to the vets today for castration and teeth clean, left with a waggly tail which Eric says wasn't wagging when he left him and huge eyes were looking at Eric and piling on the guilt!

Rocky was left with the pack yesterday for the first time as we both had dentist appts, came home no problems hooray! all going much better than we dared to hope for

Sue x


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

A watering can! What a brilliant idea for dog bathing! Thanks!

What Remains Now said...

That's one of the great things about summer...baths outside! I'm laughing over Indy with his face pressed in the grass. Casper often does that after he eats and sometimes motors around the living room like that. I always say that he uses the living room rug as a napkin. Sending Rocky get well wishes. I hope he's feeling his old self super quick.

hotpotato said...

I love the pic of Indy squeezed into the dog bed. And you could actually see the smile on his face while having a bath.

Sue said...
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Sue said...

Had to laugh at the big dogs trying to squeeze into the small bed:)

Indy was obviously enjoying his bath:)

Love how rocky and Gangley are best buds. Looks like even Orin is coming round to Rocky, well he's good enough as a cushion:)

Glad the pack got on fine being left yesterday.

Hope all is well with Rocky after his op.