Thursday, 30 May 2013

Happy Birthday Orin

Sunday was Orin's 4th birthday and we did as usual celebrate with pilchard cake but didn't take any photo's reasons explained further down. Orin has been here a year now and is so much braver and more confident, he's just so darn handsome.

 Orin is spending a lot of time close to Indy, still not sure if it's best buddy or I'm watching you pal but there have been no incidents so paws crossed.

Indy continues to be totally adorable, so chilled and is just entering that oh boy am I happy or what, it's lovely when the penny drops and they realise they will be walked and fed regularly and life can be good. He is however perhaps because he was living on the streets a bin raider, several times he's been in the bin but yesterday he got his head stuck in the bin lid and Eric took it off him and told him off but didn't take a photo, grrr now wouldn't that have made a great scrap page LOL. So we now call him Indiana Jones raider of the kitchen bin!

 so have to scrap this photo LOL.

 always together

 So the reason behind no photo's of Orins birthday is ............................................

Rocky a 5 year old blue greyhound.........................

 Dawn's daughter Tanya works a a vet nurse at our vets and rang Saturday asking if we were still looking for a greyhound, I explained Indy (OK so his name is officially Zucco) had arrived last Saturday so NO! she had a chap called Scott in the surgery desperately trying to find a home for his greyhound as home and job circumstances had changed and he has no one to look after Rocky. So I held out all Saturday but Sunday we caved and rang Scott and said bring Rocky over. Rocky spent the day with us, bit nerve racking as he's only recently retired from racing and is still very keen and alert and is still intact. Scott has owned Rocky since a puppy and raced him (bad bad man we have of course re educated him) and had a super retirement home lined up for him that fell through at the last minute. Rocky will be arriving here tomorrow as a foster dog whilst we all try to work at finding him a lovely permanent home, no I can't keep him 9 is too many even for us. Scott is arranging for his boy bits to be removed so guess we'll be taking him to vets next week.

Scott also said he's not small dog friendly, guess no one told Gangley LOL.

It's  going to be a difficult weekend I suspect as we will need our wits about us but hey ho what could we do the man was quite literally in tears. Yes I know we are stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but we have made it clear that Rocky remains his dog his responsibility and will expect him to contribute towards his food bills whilst he stays with us, we're hoping he may take him home some weekends to reinforce that it is his dog but not convinced that will happen. Poor chap has text us everyday this week saying thank you LOL.

All other hounds are well and hoping the sun may come back as it's been flippin freezing cold here this week.


hotpotato said...

Oh Dear Sue what can I say..............Suzy's Sanctury home to waifs n strays doors always open 24-7!

Sue said...

So glad Indy and Orin are best buds. Had to smile at Rocky with Gangley curled up with him (she's a hussy;)).

Hope things work out for Rocky;)

What Remains Now said...

Happy Birthday, Orin! You are a striking young lad.

That picture of Indy & Orin from behind...fabulous. Greyhounds have the best butts in the dog world (my opinion).

I'm thinking Rocky won't have trouble finding a home. I'm not sure about in England, but in our Greyhound group, the blues are never even put up for adoption. Usually, our group leaders will let the group know they are getting a blue and someone who already has a greyhound or greyhounds (ha) will adopt them.

Who wouldn't love Princess Gangley. Just goes to show that Rocky is smart.

Declan said...

Well I think people with "mug" tattooed on their forehead are the nicest people in the world... ;-) Deccy x

gyeong said...

Happy Bday Orin! You sure are a handsome fella. You definitely earn the name Suzy's Sanctuary.

Carol said...

Happy 4th Birthday Orin - what a handsome man you are xx

Sue, you've so longed for a grey! I seriously can't see this little un leaving the Taylor for Indy, our Flojo was a food raider when she arrived too! she's so much better now she realises that she's safe and warm and has a full belly!! lol

Take care xx