Tuesday, 21 May 2013

I'm back

Well that weekend sure went quickly LOL.

Had a wonderful time scrapping and chilling. Weather went from freezing cold and non stop rain to warm and sunny.

Caravan was very posh and once we did a bit of re arranging worked just fine LOL. I had a bedroom one end with en suite and Dawn had a choice of two bedrooms and bathroom the other end with the living accommodation in the middle.

I actually did 5 layouts but have only completely finished this one need to add a few bits to the others. this is a photo of Vikki my daughter, the layout was designed by Lou who works at papermaze.

So now for Zucco!

Saturday morning he left the kennels in stoke and was driven down to Donnington and handed over to Jackie who then drove him down to Cambridge to meet up with Eric who them of course brought him home. Poor chap was exhausted Eric says (how would I know I was off having a good time oops). He spent the whole weekend shadowing Eric but didn't grump at any of the dogs and was well behaved. Alfie who is supposed to be top dog and is a saluki greyhound cross and gone all saluki and washed his paws of the whole thing LOL but Orin who can still be frightened has sort of taken charge. We are watching the two of them closely as past experience has taught us usually at some point two males will have a set to to sort out the pecking order. Eric walked Zucco (for want of a better name) with Gangley all weekend to show him she was part of the pack and not a snack! To be honest it's all going rather to well at the moment which is making me a bit twitchy! He can be left with the pack with no problems as Monday Eric had to leave early and Dawn and I didn't back until about 2 hours later. Paws crossed he continues to be good but I'm sure as he starts to feel more comfortable we'll see more than just this chilled out hound who just can't get enough of Eric.

so I am only 5 feet tall but it gives you an idea of just how big he is.

 Was trying to get a shot of them lined up for a walk this morning fat chance hey.

this one shows how long he is, he likes Orin rather a lot.

So on the plus side he seems to be house trained and is quite chilled out on the negative side the name Zucco means nothing to him you could call him anything. I assumed that he was handed in with that name not so me thinks. He was living with a homeless man (so I'm told) who decided it was unfair on the dog and handed him over to the pound who contacted greyhound gap. He looks just like Mojo even down to only having part of a tail but 3 times the size LOL.

Early days  but so far so good, 8 dogs is definitely pushing it! But I really did miss them all and got a lovely welcome home except from Belle who was obviously not pleased that Mum went off and has been a bit aloof with me.

More to follow


hotpotato said...

goodness he is a huge boy.

Sue said...

By heck he is a big boy. So glad he is settling in ok. Are you going to change his name?

So glad you and Dawn had such a fab break away. The caravan sound just right.

Looking forward to more photos of Donkey:)

What Remains Now said...

Had to laugh at Sue's comment...donkey. He is a big boy. Sounds like you had a fabulous time and nice accommodations. Guess it wouldn't be a special treat if it didn't come and go so quickly. I am and will continue to be amazed that Eric takes all the hounds out by himself at once.