Thursday, 23 May 2013

Approx 33 inches to the shoulder!

Mojo and Zucco have been to the vets, Zucco had jabs and weighed in at 37 kilos, so needs to put on a few. Have just tried to measure him and I'd say he's approx 32 or 33 inches to the shoulder.

Mojo is doing well and vet said given he has such a serious heart condition he can't quite believe how well the old boy is doing, course we haven't told Mojo he's sick so he carries on running around the meadow making out he's a spring chicken and not an 11 old duffer with a dickie ticker!

Zucco and Orin are beginning to buddy up.
 Princess Gangley has discovered he makes a good cushion!
 and Zucco doing what he does best chilling out!
 A few more layouts from the weekend, this is Elmo's birthday and was a kit designed by Vanessa for Papermaze crop, had to make quite a few changes but it's looking okay now.
 Another one from Vanessa and used an old photo of my gran and her Mother and me, this is for my heritage album.

My favourite of the weekend, my daughter when she was 4 years old, again designed by Vanessa, got in a right mess making the flowers but love how it looks.

 Another photo of my Gran with me and my sister, gorgeous page designed by Janina for Bramford crop.

A few more photo's of some of the pack yesterday when the sun shone, unlike today where so far it's rained and hailed and is freezing cold!


Sue said...

The LOs are lovely.

Glad Mojo is surprising even the vet. Also glad Zucco and Orin are buddying up.

I adore the photo of Gangley snuggling up with the big lad:)

hotpotato said...

Those hounds are so chilled!

What Remains Now said...

I LOVE how Gangley is laying on Zucco. Super sweet! When I look at your layouts, I always think, "Oh, I like that one. I'll comment on it," then I say the same thing for the next one and the next one and the next one. So I guess my comment is that I love all the layouts (ha).

Carol said...

Hi Sue, just catching up with the news at the Taylors.....those dogs just all belong together, can't believe how tall Zucco is...and how long.....hope that Belle is "talking" to you now xx

gyeong said...

Your pups really appreciate the sunshine when it comes around.