Friday, 10 May 2013

So we finally seem to have ditched winter. I decided last month to take a photo of the willow tree on the first of every month for a year to be able to record the changes. I have a real phobia about tree (thanks Mum) but love this tree for some odd reason and together with the magnolia tree are both looking beautiful.

 The hounds have been making the most of the sun
 and last weekend got some cuddles from Harvey, grandson number 2

 and Mr T has been playing with his Christmas present (power washer) and ladder (birthday present) spent most of the weekend up on the roof cleaning the tiles and still has 2/3rds to go LOL.
Been making and selling quite a lot of cards and preparing some kit layouts for my long weekend away with Dawn on the 17th, one is getting a tad excited.

Had a super day at crop last Saturday which was NSD and done one page of a double layout hoping to finish the other side tomorrow.

Hounds are all well happy and behaving!



What Remains Now said...

Powerwashing is very satisfying work! I love the idea of taking a picture of the willow every month. Can't wait to see them all together. Have a wonderful time away. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

Sue said...

I love Willows. Dad had one, but it died. He had it pollarded (sp?), but it never grew. He has a climbing rose planted at the base of the trunk now.

Glad the pack were making the most of the nice weather.

Hope you get your things ready to take away.

Looks like Eric likes his new toys:)

You take care.