Monday, 7 June 2010


I went to crop on Saturday and spent most of the day doing this simple layout with the stitching, when I got home I decided it needed a stamped swirl and then another and then another!!!

So this is what happens when two worlds collide. My scrapping style is neat and simple but I am being drawn more and more over to the altered art style and the result is a ruined layout!

Lesson learnt keep the two styles apart.

I was quite shocked when I saw this photo, Eric had taken it without me knowing and I was dressed very scruffy even for me but even so I look like an old bag lady LOL and when I said to Eric Oh dear I look like someones Grandma he replied well you are !!!!!

Another lesson learnt try smartening yourself up a bit.


Jane said...

this made me smile Sue, you just got a bit carried away that's all!

hotpotato said...

Actually Sue it's a lovely LO and TOTALLY different from your normal style, I love it.

Janina x

Janet said...

Sue i love the layout,it's gorgeous

Janet xx

Carol said...

Sue - what a gorgeous layout - its good to try different things and experiment and this has worked out really well - can't see if you're a proper bag lady or not!! roflxx