Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Lovely weekend

So I'm back from lovely weekend away. Lots of scrapping and just chilling out. It's good to step outside the normal routine and unwind and just as good to come home again!

I manged 5 layouts!!! which is good going for me.

This one is of me and Vikki on her 30th birthday last month.

This one is of the men and boys playing cricket whilst the women watched Vikki unwrapping all her presents.

This one is of Ben and Harvey and was a Papermaze crop kit.

This is Marc, Rachael and Harvey taken of Christmas Day, with Gangley and Alfie sneaking into the photo LOL.

And finally this one of Alfie and my dear friend Shellie who came to visit last month.

Also came home to an unexpected visitor.

This is Mojo whose family decided they no longer wanted him after 7 years! and as he was originally a greyhound gap dog they took him back into the fold. Eric received a call Saturday asking if we could please squeeze in an emergency foster dog, so of course after Eric rang me we said yes.

A few quick calls and a transport run was put into place with lots of people each taking a leg and Sunday the poor little man started his long journey from Bude and finally arrived Sunday teatime, a very upset bewildered dog.

He has settled really well despite missing his own pack. He has cried as bit but that's to be expected. He really likes Alfie and I mean really likes Alfie LOL.

mojo is a whippet greyhound cross so is bigger than Gangley but smaller than the greyhounds. Perfect size really LOL. Actually he's a pretty perfect dog!


Jane said...

you have been busy Sue, love all the layouts. welcome to Mojo too, love the name!!

Carol said...

oh dear I can forsee whats going to happen here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! roflxx what are you two like. Bless youx
What I can't understand is, how can you have a family member for 7 years then decide you don't want them?? beyond my comprehension that one.
Mojo definately looks at home there and with the love you and Eric have for your animals theres little wonder.

Fabbie layouts - glad to hear that you and Dawn had a fab weekend - see you saturday xx

Jenny said...

Love the LO's, looks like you've been really busy. xxx

Winnie said...

GORGEOUS!! I love all those layouts and I'm glad you had a productive holiday weekend.