Thursday, 22 August 2013

An exciting new venture

I am starting out on a new venture and becoming a consultant for Lori Rose and her homeopathic treatments. Lori will give me 20% of any sales made using my code of ST007, which I will in turn donate to Greyhound Gap.

Several years ago our great big hug monster Jim developed corns which on a tripod who had lost a leg to bone caner is a serious problem. We tried   the usual route of treatment at the vets and despite having the corn hulled twice it returned each time. This is when we first came into contact with Lori who made up a homeopathic treatment, which to our delight got rid of Jim’s corns and they never returned.

Since then I have used several different products from Lori each with the same success rate and Lori has also made up a treatment for our tiny Whippet Gangley who is suffering from a neurological illness that can’t be treated with conventional medicine. In May Gangley was going downhill his so fast we truly thought the end was fast approaching. Since starting her treatment in June the decline and slowed down and she has enjoyed a wonderful summer, going for walks without falling over and has generally improved.

Alfie Bear has suffered from being itchy since he arrived and despite various tests at the vets nothing was uncovered as to the cause. Alfie also only has three legs and the itching makes him utterly miserable. Again we asked Lori to make up a treatment for Alfie and again it has been so good we have been able to reduce the piriton and hope to stop it altogether soon. I might also add that Lori also treats us humans and has me walking pain free from a cluster of corns for the first time in 3 years!

Lori is a lovely lady who always responds quickly to cries for help and has 5 rescue Irish wolfhounds of her own, she is a Professional Homeopathic Practitioner with a very busy and successful practice. Her work consists of Homeopathic consultations by means of my clinic, online and telephone consultation. 
Lori has worked with animals for many years both in the healing and rescue capacity and started a charity called Lurcher Lifeline, which later became Animal Lifeline.
So if anyone needs some help please Contact Lori via her website  and if you use my code ST007 at the checkout Greyhound gap will get 20% from the sale.

Sue x

PS Walk count down 10 days to the off


Elaine Pritchard said...

Sounds great stuff and what a fabulous idea to raise money for greyhound gap too. Good luck with the new venture.


Sue said...

I can certainly add my backing to Lori's remedies. My Polly had corns coming up on every pad on both front paws. Since using the remedy she only has two rough areas and they are getting smaller.

What Remains Now said...

As soon as we get our unemployment situation sorted out, I'm getting some of Lori's corn treatment. I will be sure to use your code.