Sunday, 18 August 2013

Busy week!

Life in the Taylor house is manic to say the  least!

Busy finalising the walk stuff which I shall post and blog tomorrow.

Busy making cards for an online craft fair greyhound gap are having here

Busy having friends visit from Thursday till yesterday!  Shellie and Kit are two of the nicest people you could ever wish to meet and it's always lovely to see them. The hounds get thoroughly spoilt as do we.

Busy helping Marc prepare for the big quiz night last Thursday, which is our single biggest fund raiser for the walk and raised £410 this year!. My son on the right and in the middle is Steve who has done all the walks with Marc and on the left is Ned a retired policeman who is joining them this year. Photo underneath is Marc's wife Rachael's team she's in the middle.

Busy having family over, I let Ben loose with my camera and he took some good photo's.

 as you can tell Twizzle was in 7th heaven having her bath.
 Vikki took this one of me and Ben.
 Me and my daughter Vikki

 Elmo, Belle and Rocky in the corner. I was really surprised at how well Ben did, a budding photograph. Ben is very excited as he's coming to stay this week, I've restocked his crafting box, special request for feathers and he's told me we will have lots of fun bless him.

Almost had a melt down having spent 2 days cleaning the house properly, you know when you lift stuff up to clean underneath when I heard the distant rumble of tractors starting the harvest, luckily they haven't done the fields next to us yet but I think it's best to suspend any further cleaning until they do it LOL. Dam dust gets in everywhere.

Back tomorrow with walk details.

 so in a nutshell BUSY! LOL.


What Remains Now said...

Please tell Ben he did a super job. I know we would love to see his creations. So glad the quiz night went so well and I can't wait to hear about this year's walk!

Sue said...

Fab photos. Love the look on Twizzle's face. Ben is very good. Looks like a new camera might be on the cards this Christmas.

Had to laugh at your friends all cuddled up with the dogs, yet still having to sit on the floor:)

Well done on the Quiz Night. Look forward to following the lads. Not literally, as that might freak them out:)

Have a lovely week with Ben. Hope the weather is good.

Jane said...

lovely photos Sue x