Friday, 20 December 2013


How is it a few weeks ago I was feeling rather smug that I had Christmas sorted and all of a sudden I'm in a panic trying to finish things off.

Tomorrow my little grandson Ben will be 8, the years have gone by so quickly and he is growing up so fast. He's having a party with friends at lunchtime then family will visit for cake later. I made his party invites and thought they were good but Ben bless him thought they were mega cool LOL.

I'm very  pleased to update you all on Herbie's progress, he's had his first chemo session and is now adapting to life as a tripod and can go up and downstairs, impressive!

Greyhound Gap have a DVD out for sale, Amanda another volunteer has been working on it all year, I've helped a little bit by designing the cover and researching stories etc and there's a section on walking the beat. Approx running time 52 minutes and at £12.50 inc of p & p is a bargain all money raised goes to the kennel fund. If you fancy a copy you can buy it here. By strange coincidence Amanda chose a photo of Gangley and Orin for the front not knowing they were our dogs LOL.

My Dad is making brilliant progress after having his hip replaced last Thursday and Mum has been a wonderful nurse. The females in our family are not usually good Florence Nightingales, day one is okay, Day two interest starts to wane and by day three forget it LOL. Just hope Mum doesn't get worn out herself.

Gangley hasn't  been so good lately, whilst she is in no way ill her wobbling has increased but she's still managing two shorter walks a day and still eating like a dog twice her size LOL. Other hounds are all well, Elmo has so far destroyed two baubles from the tree and a Father Christmas not as bad as we feared.

A few projects finished but better wait until post Christmas to share. LOL.

Sue x


gyeong said...

Glad to hear your Dad and Herbie are both making good progress.

Sue said...

I am sure everything will get done, so don't panic.

Ben obviously has a Mega Cool Granny:) Fab invites.

Fab news about Herbie.

So glad your dad is doing well. Hope your mum doesn't do everything for him and wears herself out.

Hope Gangley picks up. Polly and I are sending healing positive thoughts.

Naughty Elmo. He may find himself on the Naughty List for eating Santa:)

What Remains Now said...

Other than nerves, it sounds like your holiday season is going well. Can't believe Christmas is here in a few days! Hope your dad continues to heal well and quickly.