Monday, 18 November 2013


I've held back until today to post about Herbie as he has been terribly poorly. He had his amputation and all seemed to go fairly well and the following day he went home. Once home he went down hill very fast and was eventually admited into a vet hospital. It seems his vet never gave him a anti clotting injection and as most greyhound owners know their blood really doesnt clot very which following surgery can be very dangerous. Herbie began bleeding internally and it has taken all weekend for them to stabalise him. He has however now turned the corner and god willing will be home in a few days. All of gap world have been sending him massive good thoughts and weve all been on tender hooks all weekend praying ee would pull through. This morning his Mum (Lorraine) rang me as she wanted reassurance that she would cope when he comes home, I told her it is stressful and you remain on red alert for months but they are so well prepared I feel sure they will cope. Lorraine is a strong woman and I know she will do just fine. Milo one of her other dogs is now not eating at all no doubt missing his brother and Lorraine's austric son can't understand why they just don't go and get Herbie. It's been hell for all of them and I hope and pray that happier days lay ahead for all of them.

A lovely photo of Steven and Herbie

Today my Dad received a call from the hospital to say he is booked in for his replacement hip operation on Decemeber 12th, it had to be put on hold earlier in the year  whilst they tried to find out about the other problems, so looks like Dad will be spending his birthday in hospital. I've made him a card, it is a card on top of a card and has a beautiful poem about Dad's. Terrible photo as per usual.

Had a wonderful relaxing day at crop on Saturday and did this layout of Eric, then yesterday we went out and bought him boots and jodphurs, the man is totally hooked on riding LOL.

Hounds all well and were so good yesterday when we not only did a bit of shopping but even had lunch out together LOL.


Sue said...

So glad Herbie is improving and hope he's home soon.

Hope your dad's op goes ok and he is home soon after.

So glad Eric likes riding.

You all stay safe and warm.

gyeong said...

Sad news about Herbie. That is one of the reasons we seek greyhound-savvy vets. Glad is is on the road to recovery. Hope your dad's surgery goes wel.

karen barker said...

Sounds like your a massive support for your friend and Herbie. Great card for your dad and again another great layout. Keep blogging your such a great story teller and I love reading about the greyhounds. Xxx

What Remains Now said...

My heart is broken for Herbie and his family. Hoping that he is on a recovery trail, but know it will be a tough road. Sending my best hopes and prayers. Best wishes also to your dad. My dad is in the hospital now recovering from open heart surgery and isn't doing too well. We're all hoping that he'll take a turn for the better real soon. Been staying with my mom. My husband is holding down the fort with Freedom, Casper & Nikki. Looks like hard times are currently abundant.