Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Happy hounds and sad news

 Belle Gangley and Twizzle a few weeks back catching the last of the sun
 Rocky and Indy
 Mojo and Elmo
 Twizzle with Daisy May my sisters puppy who is a whippet chihuahua cross
 Belle getting in on the action
 Belle isn't very big so it gives a good idea of how small Daisy May is
Dasiy is adorable and I love her.

Finally probably the worst photo I've ever taken of a layout recording this years walk. Lots of hidden journalling. Layout is actually quite nice and used papers from a Bramford kit, tried to follow Janinas design but as my photo was landscape had to make a lot of changes.

A week or so ago I had all but decided to stop blogging as I have so little time with 8 dogs and feel like nothing of interest to say or show really but then one of my dear friends I've known through greyhound gap for over 7 years rang me to say her greyhound Herbie had been diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Herbie is greyhound gaps most loved hound and such a clown and the news hit everyone very hard. Whilst talking to Lorraine I remembered I'd blogged when Jim, Sandy, Ranger and Lucky were diagnosed with the dreaded bone cancer and went back to read it. After going through lots of tissues I realised what a source of information this was and passed it onto Lorraine so she could read a blow by blow account of what happened how we felt and coped. So that said I've decided maybe the blog is of use to me if no one else and will carry one LOL.

Lorraines daughter had drawn me some hounds to use in card making that I had called Herbie, I think previous post has some pictures so please send loads and loads of positive thought to dear Herbie and Lorraine. Herbie is at the vets for amputation as I type.

I apologise for not visiting my blogging friends but will try to soon.

sue x


Karen leonard said...

I think you've hit the nail on the head there Sue. Blogging doesn't have to be for entertaining others, it can simply be a form of record keeping like a journal or diary. It's essentially for you, but as you've shown, can be a source of help to others. I enjoy your dog photos and stories as well as your layouts, and it doesn't matter how irregularly you post - i'll still visit :)
Karen xx

Sue said...

So glad you aren't going to stop blogging. I blog for myself, but if others pop by and enjoy my prattlings, then that's a bonus.

Love the photos of your hounds. It's nice how they seem to have paired up.

Sending Herbie healing positive thoughts.

genji said...

Looks like your kids had a fun time with Daisy May visiting. She sure is cute. Sad news about Herbie. Hope they caught it early on. Like you, I just blog when I feel like, and since it's more of a journal of the dogs who are in my life, I don't feel the need to update all the time. Great to look back and remember. Since you are on my blog roll, whenever you update, it moves you to the top of the list, so I know to go check.

What Remains Now said...

So glad you will continue to blog! Don't know how it would be to not have a check-in with the Taylor hounds now and again. Don't feel bad about not visiting. Your readers just like to hear how the houndies and you all are doing from time to time. So sorry to hear about Herbie. I'll be thinking of him and all who love him.

Karen leonard said...

P.S meant to say I was sending my thoughts to Herbie and Lorraine xxxxx

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

So sorry to read about Herbie. I hope everything goes well with his amputation.

I blog for myself too and these days it's mostly photos not actual posts. But it is good to be able to look back on when certain things happened. Kind of like an online diary.

Glad you and your hounds are fine.