Monday, 26 September 2011

Proud Mum

Today my son Marc and his colleague Steve received an award from Suffolk Police, after the Father of the young girl they rescued (full story here) took the time and trouble to write in.. He didn't know their names and all he had to go on was they were Police Officers in Suffolk just goes to show some people do care.

So today I am a very proud Mum, both boys are highly embarrassed and would you believe it no photo's were taken! I shall have to take a photo of the award myself to scrap, don't suppose there's any chance of getting him to put his full dress uniform on as well LOL.

Poor old Jim is off to see Mr Vet tomorrow, two wheels on his wagon isn't good, wish we knew what the heck was going on with his 3rd leg.


Sue said...

Well done the boys. They should be very pleased and you are right to be very proud of them.

Jane said...

well done, you should be proud.

Sandra's Spot said...

Well done them, no wonder you feel very proud. boo no photo to scrap. Hugs Sandra XX