Friday, 23 September 2011

Thank goodness for Friday's!

Well all in all it's been a very stressful week! My daughter Vikki had an operation on Monday, so of course I was in full Mummy worry mode but it all went well and she's slowly feeling a bit better each day, Marc's knee goes from bad to worse and it seems he may now need an operation and on top of that Jim is in big trouble, remaining back leg is getting weaker and now he's having a problem with front leg/shoulder and is struggling to get around which is so stressful. Ruby remains stable thank goodness.

So with all that going on I've been a bit stressed out and flat all week and really needed my Friday play day with Dawn!

Finished this one off, photo taken at Mum's 70th birthday BBQ, always seems wrong a family photo minus my brother Bob who now lives in USA.

and .....started and finished this one of our friends Shellie and Kit who came to visit in June.

Rubbish photo's as per usual but really struggling to hold the camera with poorly hands.

Going for a wander around town tomorrow with Dawn and may have to have some retail therapy LOL.

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Sue said...

Fab LOs.

Glad Vikki is still improving.

Also glad Ruby is doing ok, but sorry to hear about Jim.

Have a lovely day tomorrow. Hope you find some nice things.