Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Jim goes to see Mr Vet

Yesterday we took Jim to the vets, after a long examination the vet has concluded that the back leg is buckling not due to lack of strength as we thought but pain in his lower back. In addition he has discovered as we thought that he is unhappy to put any weight through one of the front legs due to pain in the shoulder. This could be caused by him having to use his front legs to pull himself up more and more or it could be the cancer has returned!

We started him on anti inflammatories yesterday and he already looks much more comfortable and relaxed. Soooo paws crossed.

Next month will be his two year anniversary of having his leg amputated due to the bone cancer. To survive this long is very rare! Jim is such a dear gentle boy who is adored by everyone.

Today Ruby looks tired, she was keen to go out for her walk but wasn't interested in her brekkie. Although when her Dad cooked her eggy bread she did eat that!


Sue said...

Lovely photo of Jim. Hope the meds can help Jim.

Hope Ruby perks up. Maybe the hot weather isn't suiting her.

Jane said...

poor Jim, he's done so well, hope he soon improves