Wednesday, 16 March 2011

arrgh! 3 hospital appointments later

Sometimes life is just so arrgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everything I touch goes wrong at the moment! the house is a mess as we had a new boiler fitted and had to take everything out of the airing cupboard, who would have thought so much could have been shoved in there. So Mr T has a filthy cold and due to lack of pills I look and feel like an old girl (please don't say it I know) so not only is it all waiting to go back, I have a huge grey streak awaiting a colour job and neither of us have the energy for any of it. And as for my PC and printers well lets just say I could scream, talk about being difficult, I'll ask Mr T to sort it all when he feels better but until then arrrgh!!!

Anyway 3 hospital appointments since last post, hand is ok and is now on it's 3rd plaster cast and ulcer is starting heal, that's the good news, the bad bit is it's unlikely I will ever be able to go back on my RA pills and that just sucks! and even when cast comes off hand will still be useless due to ruptured tendons, I can't decide if it's hurry up and do the next op to fix them or oh god give me a break from hospital. LOL.

Have managed to make this little mini album, it's a digi kit called hoo loves you, just needs putting together.

Really looking forward to going out Saturday to crop and have even got stuff sorted.

Ruby continues to be happy and settled but has broken another nail, so I'll leave you with a few hound photo's from this week.

Ruby looking pretty and cute

3 in a bed

spot Mojo

and Mojo breaking his heart because his Dad went out to take Jim for a ride to the meadow and he got left behind LOl he went on the 2nd run so don't be worrying he missed out LOL.

and Gangley and Jim just because!


Jane said...

Oh Sue I do feel for you. Hope Eric is soon better too. Love the digi, you're doing great things with it, take care xx

Sandra's Spot said...

Oh Sue what can I say except HUGZ XOXO and lovethe digi LO. Does taht mean Ruby stays? She sure look settled in. LOL. Enjoy Saturday XX