Sunday, 27 March 2011

Did I say normal service

What a stupid thing to say talk about tempting fate!

When I got home from crop last Saturday I found Mr T really poorly in bed with chest pains, things got worse and worse until finally I had to call an ambulance and after ecg tests etc they thought he was having a heart attack and rushed him off to the Norfolk and Norwich hospital our hospital no longer deals with hearts.

Anyway to cut a long week short it wasn't a heart attack but the heart itself is inflamed and he also has pneumonia! the first few days were very scary as he was so poorly and I was told if he wasn't so fit then he would have been in serious danger!

Thankfully eric has turned the corner and although still on intravenous antibiotics etc is much better and the Dr's will review the situation tomorrow. Sadly the ward sis now in quarantine due to S & D bug so no visitors.

I went to hospital Friday fully convinced my plaster cast would come off but no after xrays etc it was decided to leave on for another 5 weeks. I was not and am not HP!

It's been a long difficult scary week not made an easier by having the filthiest cold possible but I have been very lucky with all the help I've had. So many people have driven me to the hospital which including visiting is at least a 4 hour round trip and the dogs have been walked etc etc etc.

Would really really lie Mr T to come home and life to return to some kind of normailty. PLEASE ............


Janet said...

Oh Sue what an awful week you have had,after such a great day at the crop.Carol has been keeping me up to date,hope Mr T is home soon fully fit,take care might see you at bramford ?
Janet x

Gem's Crafts said...

Sorry to hear your OH has been very poorly this week. Hope he improves quickly & he comes home soon. Thinking of you xx

Carol said...

Sue - you take care girlie - you know where I am....fingers crossed that Eric is home soon and that some sort of normality rules!

karen said...

spoke to leslie at work and she said eric was on the mend. It must have been really scary and i'm glad everyone is helping out. keep us updated and i shall be thinking of you Love karen
Ps thanks for the photo last week

Winnie said...

Oh no, that's awful news. *hugs* and prayers for you and hubby. Hope he feels better soon.