Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Happy Birthday Jim

Today is Jim's 11th birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No way did we ever dream or dare to hope that we would get to celebrate his 10th birthday last year after being diagnosed with the bone cancer in August 2009, and having to amputate his leg in October that year.

Yet here we are some 17 months on celebrating the big handsome fella reaching 11  

Jim is such a big happy fella and we truly do treasure every day with him.

So Happy Birthday big fella we love you loads xxxxx
So handsome

enjoying being mothered by Gangley (I think)

and tucking into his daily beef  bone.

Nothing can spoil the joy we feel today but have to admit hospital was a bit of a shocker yesterday when I was told there was nothing else I can take to replace the anti inflammatories I have had to stop because of the ulcer! have to keep everything crossed it starts to heal and doesn't need surgery. Apparently it is already bleeding and is very painful and blasted joints are so sore and stuff with out the medication. Hand is healing nicely though.

Sue x

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Carol said...

hiya Girlie

Hope that Jim had a good birthday - can't believe that we were worried about how he'd cope! and here is is...bless him lots xx

Really sorry to hear about the hospital appointment - fingers crossed that the ulcer starts to heal really quickly.

See you soon xx