Monday, 20 June 2011

Papermaze crop

had a lovely day at Papermaze crop and actually started and finished a layout LOl. First time in many months i scrapped something completely original, I think when you don't scrap so much the creativity seems to dry up and I've had so many kits to use I just haven't bothered doing my own thing.

Bought these papers last year to use for Marc and Rachael's wedding and decided they would do for this Lo, photo's are of Vikki and Mathew at Eric's birthday bash, I asked them to smile for a nice photo and they just wouldn't play ball, anyway he who laughs last etc etc so i used them anyway!

Mum and Dad are back from America and Marc and family from France, although Marc sets off again Friday to start the coast to coast walk Saturday and we have some very dear friends arriving Saturday for 5 days so it's all still hectic here LOl.

Oh and the other piece of news is Eric has finally been discharged from hospital. On Monday he went for test, then back Friday to see consultant and results. Apparently he has the profile of an athlete, lord knows how he got his helmet on to ride home! I feel a funny Lo coming on. They still couldn't explain why it happened, just one of those things I guess.

On Wednesday our friend Bim had to let her greyhound go to the bridge. Now Jess adored Eric and stayed with us many times over the last 8 years, so it was decided that Jess should have her finally resting place in our garden, she was after all an honoury member of the Taylor pack and would have run through fire to get to her beloved Eric. Jess was just short of her 13th birthday and had a wonderful life with Bim and far from it being a sad burial it turned out to be a celebration of her life and quite an emtional evening but in a nice way. Sleeptight dear Jess.

Hounds are all well (touching wood).........

Sue x

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