Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The launch of a new blog - Marc & Steve's coast to coast walk

 Plus a re design of this one LOL!

Ok as many of you know my son and his colleague are doing the coast to coast walk to raise funds for Greyhound Gap, Eric and I have been involved with gap for over 7 years now and fostered several hounds for them (and kept most of them hehehe) currently 4 out of the 6 hounds here are gap dogs. Whilst discussing it all with Lisa the founder of gap she asked if I would do a blog so gappers could follow the walk and fundraising etc. Marc does have a FB page but of course I don't have access to that so agreed it was a good idea and have duly created said blog LOL.

So  here it is, if you would like to become a follow that would be great and if you fancied putting it on your blog and passing it about that would be fantastic. To those of you who have already given me donations thank you so much!

So Mr T went to Norwich hospital today and had ecg and xrays etc, and was given the all clear re heart virus, has to go back again next month for respiratory check up, he's much better and gets stronger each week.

Still waiting for Lucky's results!!!!!!!


Sandra's Spot said...

Love the new look blog. Its a great idea. XX

Jane said...

love the new look!