Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Wrist update

Hospital yesterday!

Well the good news is I came home minus the plaster cast!

The not so good news is I have a splint to wear 24/7 but I can take it off to wash it and cream it yay!

The next bit is complicated, there are two pins that go through the bone to fuse it (not fully fused yet), the constant pain I have is because there basically isn't enough room and one is being pushed up and out so the smaller pin (when I say smaller it's still about 6 inches long) needs to be removed but we have to wait at least two months (unless it comes out through skin by knuckle, then it would have to be done immediately) so the wrist can carry on fussing a bit more.
The knuckles also need replacing and the two fingers with ruptured tendons need repairing but that means going back in the area that's had 3 recent ops and risks damaging the nerve further, so surgeon thinks he could cut a tendon from other fingers and attach to ruptured fingers (you have two tendons apparently), complicated isn't it.

Anyway this would mean being in plaster for the next year! Which apart from not being fun wouldn't do the hand any good so surgeon is going to do some research and see if it's possible to combine all the ops!

So today I had the best ever naked hand shower LOL....and if you see me at crop don't ask to see the hand cos I'm not showing anyone it is totally gross and makes me feel sick looking at it!

Last night we noticed Lucky's paws had swollen up and she could barely walk! just as she seemed to be responding to the cushings drugs, so off to vets this morning and the vet is mystified as to whats is happening, so she's going in tomorrow for more tests, poor little love never makes a fuss, it is absolutley heartbreaking, seeing her like this and not being able to get to the bottom of it.

I love this photo of Lucky taken last summer before all her problems started, she really is the sweetest, most gentle little girl.....


Janet said...

glad to hear your plaster is off at last,the rest doesn't sound quite so good,more op's your one brave lady.see you saturday,
(promise not to ask to look at it)
Janet x

Gem's Crafts said...

Yey for the plaster coming off! It does all sound very painful though - hope the surgeon comes up with a plan!

Winnie said...

Yay for the plaster coming off!! Even though you have to wear a splint, it's better than the plaster. Hope the hand will recover and you won't hate looking at it as much! *hugs* to Lucky. Hope she gets better soon too.

karen said...

glad to hear the plaster has come off. Souns painful, hope to seeoyu saturday.