Monday, 2 September 2013

Day 2 Llangattock to Hay on Wye 20 miles

A few bits to add to day 1.........................

the bulls before they gave chase
The mad bulls

with 7 miles to go the light faded and they took the decision to follow  the road instead of across country adding a further 2 miles making 34 walked. B & B rang them to ask if they were okay and said the pub had kept the chef there and they pre ordered their meals so when they finally got to the pub at 9.45pm a lovely meal awaited them. B & B people were lovely and not only gave them a good breakfast but a lovely packed lunch and wouldn't take payment for the lunch as they love greyhounds!

Day 2 3rd September 2013 20 miles.

Have just spoken with Marc's and here's his report on todays walking

Looking back to where we began the day , some 12 miles & 2300ft lower down !!

Today began at 0912, finishing @ 1742 - a 20-mile route became 22 due to diversions beyond our control.....
Fantastic walking along ridge of the black mountains & beautiful views back to Pandy & onto Hays Bluff @ 2300ft which we eventually reached having ascended mostly gradually but sometimes quite steeply for 11 miles.

Parts of the ridge resembled the moon!

The cooling breeze became a torrent of wind above 2000ft @ the sun could be felt burning as it was whipped into your face.

The ridge was also home to wild horses & ponies that were very placid.
The final 4 miles descended into Hay on Wye and we arrived at our Organic B&B only 12 minutes behind our original plan.
Upon taking off walking boots steam was clearly visible!! But made more bearable by the delicious pot of team and scones that we waiting for us in our rooms!

Officially 52 miles completed
( + 4 )
 Some more photo's from day 2

View to Black mountains

If you use face book check out the video's on their page and get an idea of how windy it was today and how the landscape resembled the moon apparently

Apparently Marc has a badly blistered little toe as per usual and has decided he needs wider walking boots and it's only taken 450  mile of walking to figure that one out. Steve has a massive blood blister under his big toe and we've just given first aid instructions over the phone, he was delighted to hear he could sterilise the needle with alcohol and Ned who was deemed the weakest link and is a RETIRED police officer is fighting fit!

Tomorrow 28 miles await!


Anyone who would like to donate a few pennies can do so here

PS Have to tell you this as you know Gangley has been struggling all summer but the last few weeks has not only stopped going downhill but has regained some ground and tonight when I walked her she ran 25 yards true and straight! I am convinced this is all down to Lori's treatment she made for Gangley. Yesterday Gangley was running and playing in the garden, I held my breath convinced at any moment she would fall over but she didn''t and I have to confess to tears very very happy tears. LORI ROSE I THANK YOU


What Remains Now said...

The weather and view look glorious. The ponies look much more congenial than the bulls! Continued fair weather and good feet.

What Remains Now said...

I forgot to say how happy I am for the princess! Gangley...glad you're feeling good, little girl!

Sue said...

Blimey the lads have done so well. Hope the blisters don't cause too much pain.

What wonderful news about Gangley.