Friday, 6 September 2013

Day 6 Trefonen to Llandegla 24 miles

September 6th 2013 - Day 6 Trefonen to Llandegla 24 miles

Marc's update for today

"Long days walking commenced at 0845 & concluded at 1835!

Getting lost was not part of the agenda! Mainly down to what can only be described as rights of ways on farmers fields and signs being taken away we decided to descend back to civilization to do the sensible thing and ask / walk the road to pick the path back up..... However the local farmer promptly sent us off in the wrong direction (maybe on purpose?!?) & it took miles and minutes to recover

Having said that we only accumulated an extra 3 miles but time lost  Once back on the path the canal once again proved a picturesque walk..... The weather began to close in and waterproofs came out, Ned once again proved good for morale with what can only be described as a ‘poncho’, which I’m guessing, came free with HMV bag!
The ruins of the castle high above Llangollen would have made a great place to stop and admire but the wind was picking up, moorland Forrest and quarries followed before arriving wet through (bringing back memories of Scotland last year)

Tonight we stay in an Eco pod, picture to follow shortly
On any of the first 4 days it would be lovely with a decor outside area and a stream 10 yards on front of the pod but it seems Wales weather has returned to what I guess you'd expect at this time of the year !
To put the walk into perspective we have so far covered a total of 150 miles in 3,566 minutes"
Doesn't look like they will reach their target this year for the first time but we'll keep trying LOL
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Sue said...

Never mind a photo of the Pod, what about the photo of the Poncho?:)

What Remains Now said...

I agree with Sue. Let's see the poncho.