Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Day 3 Hay on Wye to Knighton 28 miles

 3rd September 2013
 Day 3 Hay on Wye to Knighton 28 miles

The day started well with an organic breakfast of fruit and yogurt and freshly baked muffins.

Ned now doing his best impression of a vagrant complete with tissue up nose 

Steve was still hoping for an organic sausage as they left and couldn't quite believe it didn't materialise! Ned mean while was busy battling a nose bleed that last for over 2.5 hours.
 A view back to the black mountains they climbed yesterday
 Hay on Wye castle
 Grumpy Steve (where's me sausage) and vagrant (nose still bleeding Ned) aka Steve and Ned

Following the footpath took them right through a farmers crop that was heavy with dew and they got soaked, quickly followed by dry roasted as the sun came out in  force and beat down on them all day.
 A quick stop for lunch as by then they were already suffering and didn't dare sit down for too long for fear of not getting up again!

Apparently whilst looking fresh in this photo Marc wasn't feeling it at all, all suffering from horse fly bites just to add to the misery. More of a grimace than a smile.

At one moment in the afternoon they got lost as signposts had been ripped out and the book with the route got very complicated. Marc decided to drop down to a road they could see and found a farmer who said pretty much everyone this year had got lost at that point. He then fetched them ice cold drinks which were gratefully received

Although only climbing to 1400 feet today the ascent was pretty much all day until the last mile or so went they descended down into Knigton. The backs of their calves were burning from the climbing and feet were also suffering.

One bright point of the day was spotting 2 pairs of red kites!

Marc said to sum today up was TOUGH!

I hate this point of the walk when they are exhausted and today had to talk to them whilst they crawled the last mile, talk Mum just talk are my instructions, makes you feel so helpless. Still I expect a cold shower and a good meal will help pick them up ready for tomorrow just a mere 20.5 miles.

Sue x

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Sue said...

Keep going lads, we are all with you. Well not literally but in spirit:)

hotpotato said...

Heard a bit on Town 102 yesterday about the lads doing this.

What Remains Now said...

I'm catching up! By this time, the boys have completed the walk. I'm just heading into Day 4.