Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Day 4 Knighton to Forden 20.5 miles

A few more photo's from Day 3

 With 4 miles to go yesterday this hill had a rather unexpected 700 ft climb behind it

 Rather quaint accommodation last night at the Horse and Jockey inn.

4th September 2013 - Day 4  Knighton to Forden 20.5 miles

Climbing back above the cloud line
But were they on the right track LOL

Must have been as they passed the half way sign of the walk always a welcome sight

 A picture paints a thousand words!

The boys feature in the local paper yesterday

Another blisteringly hot day with yet more steep inclines, at one point so bad that if they tried to stand still they started to slip backwards! All pleased to see the half way point earlier in the day as from that point on they can say they're on the home leg LOL.

Tonight they're staying at Brandywell Barn, nearest pub to eat is 7 miles away but they've been offered a lift thank goodness, there are no extra miles in their tired legs!

Tomorrow sees a long day with 23.5 miles ahead of them into some very rural areas miles from anywhere and the shop they had hoped to buy food supplies in today was closed, well that's often the case in rural Great Britain on a Wednesday afternoon, oops! Guess they'll be buying lots of crisps at the pub tonight.

Spoke to Marc as they finished tonight at 7.30pm and despite being hot and tired spirits were high.


gyeong said...

Hopefully the beautiful scenery makes up for the tired legs.

Sue said...

They are doing so well. Hope the weather is more suitable today.

What Remains Now said...

The first photo looks like a picture postcard with that beautiful sky.