Friday, 11 September 2009

Count your BLESSINGS

Do you remember where you were and what you were doing when the world changed forever. On the 11th September 8 years ago I was in hospital on 3 weeks bed rest, when Dawn came to visit and said "I've just heard something odd on the radio, turn your tele on" and so we watched on in horror and disbelief as the awful events of that day unfolded.

So today I count my blessings

I live in a small but lovely bungalow in a beautiful village

with these guys who mean everything to me

This man is working his socks off to build me a conservatory after selling his favourite motorbike to buy it (2nd hand) and spends hours trying to figure out how to build a porch, extend the conservatory and get 3 different roof lines to work.

and having my son

my daughter and little Ben, happy, settled and getting on with lives is a blessing.

So tomorrow I'll remember that my heart breaks over Jim and Sandy's deteriorating health, that my good knee is becoming bad, and that I can't seem to shake off this flu blah blah blah ...



Jane said...

the events of 9/11 rather passed me by as we were dealing with terrible news we'd had the day before.
I do count my blessings now and thank Doctors for their dedication and best of all have a happy, healthy DGS xx

Carol said...

Sue sending you all real big hugz hope you're feeling well enough to go on Saturday - we'll catch up xx

vikki said...

i remember that day i came to see you in hospital on my little yellow moter bike xx