Thursday, 7 April 2011

Photo shoot

What do you call a group of 11 hounds............. HEAVEN and CHAOS LOL

So finally last night we got the photo's taken for Marc and Steve to launch the publicity for their Coast to Coast walk in June. They're hoping to raise £2,000 for greyhoundgap, more details to follow when FB page and Just giving pages go live.

So a few photo's of the shoot.

First up son Marc and colleague Steve wearing their specially designed t shirts.

and 11 hounds, not one single grump or growl from any of them. 7 of these gorgeous hounds owe their lives to greyhoundgap! 


Sandra's Spot said...

Welcome back to the land of the living both of you XOXO and love the photos of Marc and the dogs XOXO

Carol said...

whew how many??????????????????? Good Luck to Marc and Steve on their challenge.

Hope that you and Eric are both feeling a bit better xx

Jane said...

what fantastic photos. Good luck with the challenge x