Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A weekend of 3 B's

Bones! Balls! Baskets! LOL

Well I have to say we really enjoyed the extra long weekend, we were invited out to a lighting of a beacon Monday evening but didn't go in the end and spent a really relaxing weekend pottering about on our own for a change. Hounds loved having us both home and were keen to help yesterday when we did the pots and baskets!

This little robin has become very tame and each morning waits for Eric to feed the hens and leave him a little something. The whole time we were outside he was close by and even took a worm from Eric's hand. We were upsetting the wrens as we were too close to their nest so moved further away, their babies are tiny!

So pots, baskets and watering system all done hooray!

 Hounds enjoying their bones in SUNSHINE! yes it did actually stop raining for a while LOL.
Mojo and Elmo
Football anyone?

Dogs roared around like loonies and I actually though I might get taken out at one point LOL.


Declan said...

I know they are all lovely but hasn't Mojo got the most beautiful face?! We have a tame robin too!

Sue said...

So glad you enjoyed your holiday weekend.

Looks like the dogs had a ball:)

gyeong said...

Spending time with the hounds on the weekend sounds very relaxing. How do you keep such lush grass with all those paws running around?

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Cute little robin!

Carol said...

those dogs make me laugh - especially, mojo (?) holding his bone? lolx certainly looks a wild time!

so glad that you had a great weekend and saw some sun...

take care xx

Gem's Crafts said...

Your robin looks really tame, how lovely that you can get so close to it. And yey for hanging baskets, we did ours last weekend :)

What Remains Now said...

Every one looks so happy and the weather looks beautiful. Doesn't it feel nice when the "outside" work is done. I've never experienced that feeling...but I imagine it is very nice.

Sandra's Spot said...

Oh just love your little Robin the hounds look soooo happy and Orin well I can tell he fits in well. Hugs Sandra XXX

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

I'm late, what's new, lol! I love your robin:) How awesome to have one so tame. Looks and sounds like a perfect weekend to me.