Thursday, 14 June 2012

A poorly Elmo

Elmo is poorly, Monday lunchtime he became very lethargic and had a very high temperature so off to see Mr vet! vet suspected an infection and gave him jabs for antibiotics and anti inflammatories. Back yesterday and as he had improved vet said it obviously is an infection and he now has antibiotic pills.

Orin has barely left his side!

Finally got around to doing a thank you card for my hand surgeon. That man is such a superstar and even interrupted his Christmas Day in 2010 to perform emergency surgery on my hand, so I wanted him to see some before during and after photo's LOL.

So have just about finished all outstanding projects and can turn my thoughts to wedding stuff, still waiting for professional photo's! but do have some really good ones that Eric got.

 That's me with my parents
and I love this one of Vikki and Ben, hadn't really seen that he has his Mum's gorgeous eyes before!

Since we were told about the hose pipe ban back in April it has rained and rained, yesterday the hose pipe ban was lifted hooray! Eric has several jobs that require using a hose pipe and it's been very frustrating. yesterday and today we have sun but then more rain is forecast. Where my brother and family live in Colorado they have terrible fires, way to close to them as well, shame the rain can't be redirected!

Off to crop on Saturday.



genji said...

Poor Elmo, good thing Orin is there to watch over him. One hand down, one to go.

What Remains Now said...

Poor Elmo! Looks like he has an attentive nursemaid though. Orin seems like such a sweet hound. I know your doctor will be thrilled with his gift. I can't wait to see your wedding layouts! How will you do that? Will you make an album for your daughter and one for yourself or just one for your daughter and then a few pages for yourself.

Declan said...

Elmo looks like he's making the most of it! Deccy x

Sue said...

What lovely photos of Orin looking after his buddy Elmo. Hope Elmo continues to improve.

Fab card for your surgeon:)

Lovely wedding photos.

Dad used his hose to water in some new plants.

Hiking Hounds said...

I hope Elmo feels better soon. I hate it when they seem to get sick for no reason. The wedding pictures are pretty, every one is so happy.

Carol Plume said...

aww poor Elmo really hope he's doing well with the tablets. Bless Orin what gorgeous piccies, they really are INSEPERABLE!!!!!

Totally beautiful wedding photos - you're going to find it really hard to decide which ones to scrap!

See you later xx

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Glad that Elmo is coming right. It's wonderful how Orin is looking out for him:) They really are good buddies, it's lovely to see.

I'm sure your surgeon will be impressed with his card. What an amazing transformation on your hand.

You're going to have a lot of fun doing the wedding layouts:) Looking forward to seeing them!

Jane said...

beautiful photos Sue x