Monday, 18 June 2012

Okay so it's not much of a surprise!

But as from today this little man is now officially called


didn't see that coming did you LOL, how could we not keep him, he's still shy and nervous but is gaining in confidence and totally adores Elmo and Elmo adores him. We kind of like him as well *SNORT* so yay another new addition to the Taylor pack.

Made some mini flip book albums for the bridesmaid and bride of the wedding, all very similar but personal to each one,so here's a few pages.

Next on the list 3 little maze books for me Vik and her Mother -in Law to keep in handbags to if anyone asks if you have photo's of the wedding you can say YES LOL.

Vikki and family came over yesterday to visit for Father's Day and I was explaining how I would do her wedding album IE a traditional photo book But she really surprised me by asking if you could have a digi scrap album and even Mathew said it would be lovely to have something different with photo's and words that tell the tale of the day. Boy was I shocked LOl that's what I had planed to do for myself but didn't think they would want that so was rather pleased.

Better get planning.

Elmo is much better and almost back to his normal self and none of the others went down with whatever was ailing him thank goodness.



Hiking Hounds said...

Congratulations to you and Orin. What a sweet face he has. It's so great that he and Elmo are such good friends. Glad Elmo is feeling better too. You are so creative with the scrap booking!

Winnie said...

Hurray for the latest hound to join the pack.

Those photo books are BEUUUUUTIFUL!!

Love and licks, Winnie

Declan said...

Oh well done! He's a lucky boy to be adopted by you! Deccy x

hotpotato said...

Said so the day those paws came through the doors of Taylor Towers....just knew you and Eric wouldn't part with him. The mini books look fab Sue.

What Remains Now said...

I laughed outloud when I read about Orin. I suspected this might happen (and Sue, I haven't even known you that long!) but I didn't want to tease you too early. Orin sounds like the perfect addition. Even in your posts, you could see his connection with Elmo. I'm so happy for you all.

The album pages are wonderful. Will you use different colors for the different projects or keep them the same. What you've used here compliments the wedding scheme so well. Keep them coming!

Carol said...

Well well what a nice surprise! I definately didn't see that coming!!! Rofl x Orion, you're a lucky boy, you might not have had the best start but you have now got a loving and patient home xxx

gyeong said...

Congrats! Bet Elmo is one happy pup that Orin is staying for good.

Sue said...

Yay! Song and I are so glad Orin is a keeper:)

WOW! What fab LOs. I must get from you how you do the digi ones.

Glad Elmo is improving. Maybe he had heard Orin might not be staying and he was unhappy. He should be jumping with joy now his best buddy is staying.

Gem's Crafts said...

Your wedding LO's are stunning :)

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Welcome to the Taylor family, Orin:) Glad it's finally official;) And very pleased that Elmo is better.

Awesome wedding LO's, Sue. What a wonderful keepsake.