Monday, 28 May 2012

A few more photo's.

 Body and brain are trying hard to reconnect but struggling a tad!

So first up Vikki and Eric, good job she had waterproof mascara as we had surprised her with a limo to take her to the Registry Office!

Signing the book

group shots and limo

 My parents on the right

me Mum and Mathews Mum

Mathew wth his bestman and Ben

Vik Mathew and BEN

and Vik and Trudy her cousin doing what they do LOl.

Start to end was fantastic and all that Vikki had hoped it would be and not a bad way for the bride to spend her birthday!

 Now the countdown to honeymoon begins. They have to wait until school summer holidays and then the 3 of them are going off to visit Mathews sister in America. 59 days so I'm told.

Dogs were spoilt rotten by our friends who came over to doggy sit and even Orin eventually overcame his shyness and joined in with cuddles.

Orin is still very nervous of anything or anyone new but is much more settled with us now and gets very excited, which means lots of bouncing around. Bedtimes are funny, we say bed so off he goes, lights out and then guess who reappears, normally goes on 3 or 4 times before he finally gets the message. Elmo is still being good which means a) he's being good or b) planning his next major bout of bad LOL. That's Orin on the sofa chilling out, almost got all 5 in one shot but missed Mojo's head LOL.

Can't wait to see the professional photographs, sure have lots to scrap..


Declan said...

Looks like you all had a great time - even the furry kids! Deccy x

hotpotato said...

Sue the photos are lovely, Vik did look stunning.

What Remains Now said...

What great pictures! Wow, 59 day honeymoon. That sounds wonderful. You look lovely, Sue. I love your dress. It compliments the wedding party perfectly. Looks like the hounds suffered terribly while you were gone, ha!

Sue said...

What smashing photos. Such lovely memories to treasure.

Love the shot of your friends with the dogs. I so wish I had that many fur day:)

You take care and keep recharging those batteries.

Karen leonard said...

gorgeous photos, and what a beautiful day! so glad all went well...look forward to seeing the layouts! x

Sandra's Spot said...

Hi Sue love the photos it was areally lovely day. I have sent you an email can you check you have it maybe I have the wrong email addy. Hugs Sandra XXX

Gem's Crafts said...

Even more lovely photos from what looks like a fantastic day! I'm really glad it went well, and look forward to seeing and LO's you do with the photos :)