Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Good news and not so good news

So starting with the not so good! my daughter in law Rachael went to hospital yesterday and they can't put a proper plaster cast on yet because of the swelling so still in the temp one, has to go back next Wednesday and have an x ray to see if the bone that was manipulated back into place has stayed put if yes then she'll get the cast which will need to stay on for up to 10 weeks if no then she'll need an op the following day to pin it. Either way poor Rachael will be a bridesmaid in plaster.

So the good news

Well we plucked up the courage to leave Elmo at home, left the dogs with just the run of the conservatory and kitchen instead of whole bungalow, sprayed furniture with that stuff that's supposed to stop him chewing, took everything out I didn't want destroyed and guess what......................

The dark destroyer did not destroy ANYTHING!!!!! and we were gone 1 hour 45 mins.

Hand clinic ......... only small improvement on bend and scar in palm has gone very stiff and lumpy making the bending of finger much harder and more painful, so had some ultra sound treatment on it (apparently this often happens at week 6 and because it's been opened up so many times she thought it was inevitable) but the good news is she wants me to take splint off when awake and not doing heavy stuff as this will means the finger has potentially better range of movement and new exercises which are so painful to do but must be done 5 times a day to teach the finger how to bend without me pushing it to bend which I can do, so it's all there mechanically just need muscles and tendon to figure it out.

So no splint for me at the wedding woohoo, have to be careful that the dogs don't bash it and also  not to push it out straight straight as a small chance it could still snap but so relieved to get some time out of Larry lamb chops! LOL. So wasn't expecting that result today, happy not even close ecstatic! although it does feel scary not wearing it.

Just soaked my hand in warm water for the first time in almost 6 weeks BLISS!

Sue x


Sue said...

Hope Rachel doesn't need an op.

So glad you have the splint off and I hope your hand heals up quickly.

Well done Elmo.

hotpotato said...

Sorry to hear about Rachel, but good news on your hand front.

Winnie said...

Oh dear!!

You have been having such a rough time.

Hope things keep picking up.

Love and licks, Winnie

What Remains Now said...

You have such a good, positive attitude. You all have been through so much! Good job, Elmo!

gyeong said...

More good news than bad this week. Hopefully next post is all good news. Yay for Elmo being a good boy.

Declan said...

Some good news then. Well done Elmo, mate! Deccy x

Declan said...

Some good news then. Well done Elmo, mate! Deccy x

Gem's Crafts said...

Thats fab news that you won't need the splint for the wedding!! And really great about Elmo too :)