Friday, 18 May 2012

Good news!

Back from the hospital, surgeon thrilled with the finger and my progress. He can’t say whether it will achieve full bend as when he operated it was on muscles that hadn’t moved in 18 months so judging it was difficult, he can go back in and tweak if necessary but we’ve decided to give it 6 months and see where it is then. We have also decided that to repair ruptured tendon in little finger is low priority whereas the broken wrist joint in the other hand is more important to get it fussed. Agreed on 25th October for that date as we both felt I needed a break from surgery. Only have to go to hand clinic once every 4 weeks now unless a problem develops, so all in all pretty chuffed with today’s visit. Surgeon did say as I was leaving please promise me you won’t over do it LOL and then added any problems ring me on my personal mobile night or day. That man is a superstar!

We were gone 3 hours and apart from a torn magazine no Elmo damage!

So the phone was ringing as we walked through the door, greyhound gap urgently trying to find a foster place for a greyhound !!!!!! Bad timing with wedding next Saturday, so we’ve said if a transport run can be put together for this weekend we’ll take him if not it will have to be after the wedding unless someone else can take him.   Mad or what. !!!!

Sue x


Declan said...

Yep, that's mad, but thankfully there are mad people out there that are willing to help! Deccy x

hotpotato said...

Glad to hear about the hand.
Oh dear, Taylor Towers will have a new family member that some how once them paws get through the door they'll be there to stay!!!LOL

Sue said...

So glad the hospital was pleased with your hand.

Also glad Elmo behaved himself.

Oran is going to have a lovely home. I can't see you giving that handsome fella up.