Monday, 14 May 2012

A fab weekend!

Well here I am back home again! Boy did that weekend go quickly LOL.

Had a wonderful time, weather was amazing, the sun shone and it was pleasantly warm! considering we've had nothing but rain for weeks we sure got lucky. It was cold overnight and first thing but as the caravan actually had central heating we were warm and very comfortable LOL. Got quite a bit of scrapping done and generally chilled out and it was brilliant to walk along the beach and hear and smell the sea!

No chance of forgetting my hand exercises as Dawn turned out to be a bigger nag than Eric LOl and kept reminding me to use my finger. I was surprised how well my hand held out and it has probably done it good to be used so much.

I got far more done than I ever imagined and started off Friday evening with 3 little books, same but slightly different for my daughter and the 2 bridesmaid who organised her hen night.




Really easy little books to make just using 1 12 x 12 piece of cardstock, the page were done digitally
 I also did a 12 x 12 of the front page for my yearly album and decoupaged some of the layers and added bling

Then 3 paper kits, yes I actually did some paper scrapping, all from papermaze crop kits.

This was by Vanessa and uses papers from Echo Park " A boy's life" photo's of Eric and Ben.

then another by Vanessa using Authentique genuine papers, photo of Eric Gangley and Elmo on his 2nd day here.

and last my favourite Lou Collins for papermase using papers from Basic Grey Picadilly, photo was taken on my birthday of Lucky,  Vikki and Ben just a few days after she had been diagnosed with Bone cancer.
Apoligies for rotten photo's, no change there LOL.

Came home to a nice clean house, dogs are all being a bit sulky with me but I was expecting that LOL. Elmo has done really well being left 2 hours Friday and this same this morning with no damage. Poor Eric had to go to our sons twice a day whilst I was away to see to his animals as they have been away, so gold star for Elmo and Eric.

Have a really busy week ahead with 2 hospital appts, dentist appt and hair cut! Then next week will be all systems go for the wedding, feel like I need another weekend away just thinking about it.

Sue x


Jane said...

you have been busy Sue, love all the layouts x

Declan said...

You got an awful lot done! Sounds like a busy few weeks for you too Deccy x

Sandra's Spot said...

Wow you certainly got loads done and they are all just fabulous, I love the little book what a fab idea. Glad you had a lovely time Hugs Sandra X

What Remains Now said...

I'M SO GLAD everything went well. Sounds like you had the best time possible. You are so talent. This year, I'm working on a little art journal and it has made be appreciate having an "eye" for a layout. I don't have it (yet). Hurray for Elmo! So glad you didn't have to come home to any destroyed property.

Sue said...

So glad you had such a fab time. You were lucky with the weather. Fab LOs.

Nic said...

You got loads done! and fabulous work as always.