Sunday, 20 May 2012

New arrival

Had a lovely time at crop and came home to the new arrival!

Orin is a tiger brindle, we’ve been told he’s 3 but haven’t checked out his tattoos yet. His write up says he is scared of everything, which was true yesterday, the slightest movement and he shot out of the room. Ate his tea like he’d never been fed before, which of course he has having been in Gaps kennels since beginning of April. Must have only recently had his bits off as he’s still trying to mount the other dogs. Gangley was not impressed.

He settled in the study last night with Elmo and I got up early to let him out as he’s not housetrained and witnessed one terrified dog transform into a puppy who was roaring around the garden playing, talk about a feel good factor. He’s just settled back down for a nap, which is not surprising as he ran around the garden non-stop for about 20 minutes.

He’s missing one large tooth at the front like Lucky, spins on the spot like Mac, likes to help like Jim is the same colouring as Ruby and walks on his toes like Dill, oh and stands up and puts his paws on Erics shoulders like Ranger did.

. So needless to say we are both quite smitten LOL, he does seem to fill the bungalow up, just as we had got use to having only 4 dogs. Feels so lovely having a greyhound in the house again. Have to keep reminding myself it’s very early days and he is a FOSTER dog.

Going to be a busy week, Vik coming over Tuesday to run through last minute wedding stuff and I so need to clean the house ready for our guest’s arrival Thursday.

Going to drive myself into Ipswich this morning to see Mum and Dad who arrived back from their 10-day holiday in Cyprus yesterday.   
PS lavender bath for Orin this morning, he has a terrible kennel coat, greasy and coming out in clumps


Sue said...

OK, are we taking bets on whether orin will ever leave you?:) LOL

Carol said...

Sue, for one terrified dog to come out of his skin so early is such a testament to both you and Eric...fantastic!

Orin is such a gorgeous dog and such a lucky dog to have landed on the Taylor bets as its a certainty he will very soon be Orin Taylor xx

Take care today xx

hotpotato said...

Sue, he's gorgeous.........he won't be leaving Taylor Towers!

gyeong said...

What a good looking fella. And now he smells good too.

Janet said...

Hi Sue
Orin looks a lovely dog,he'll be staying LOL
Janet x

Declan said...

Orin is a fine looking dog, I bet he will soon stop being frightened with you looking after him!

What Remains Now said...

I agree that Orin's feeling comfortable so soon is a testament to the loving home you offer. Sending many good wishes for a wonderful wedding celebration. Can't wait to see the pictures and here the report.