Tuesday, 8 May 2012

4 more sleeps

Yay just 4 more sleeps then Dawn and I are off on our yearly long weekend get away! We don't go far just up to Norfolk and spend the weekend in a caravan chilling out and crafting. I need/have to walk along a beach and hear the sea at least once a year, so wish we lived near the sea. Nowhere near ready of course, I thought I had it all under control but now it's this close I realise I haven't LOL. We're going quite early this year as Dawn's daughter baby is due in 4 1/2 weeks, and my daughter's wedding is coming up fast on the 26th hence the early get away BUT Dawn's daughters first baby came 4 weeks early so now we're thinking what the heck made us book this weekend. Every year something goes wrong, last year Dawn's house had a bad flood, a previous year I had to rush home as Eric thought Sandy was approaching her last few hours, all we ask for is 3 days peace and quiet LOL, no drama's this year I hope.

Elmo has been good since the last incident, of course I took a photograph being  a scrapper you would wouldn't you.

New mattress topper has arrived today and looks good, so the dark destroyer may yet be forgiven LOL.

Rain continues to fall and everyone including hounds are totally fed up with it.

Son in law to be has survived his stag weekend thank goodness and we'll find out Thursday whether DIL needs her broken wrist operated on or not. Either way she'll have a plaster cast on.

I am so enjoying the freedom of being out of the splint during the day and each day brings more movement and strength to my finger.

Keep all paws crossed for me and Dawn this weekend, 3 days is all we ask please ..........

Sue x


Jane said...

will keep everything crossed Sue xx

Declan said...

Hope it works out for you; there's nothing like a break away from it all! Deccy x

Sue said...

I will keep my fingers crossed that you get your 3 days of peace.

Hope the lock is now on the bedcroom door, so your new topper stays afe.

Been maionly sunnmy here, with the odd light shower.

What Remains Now said...

The best of wishes that you'll get your long weekend with no problems. Three's a charm, right? I had to laugh when I saw your foam topper. Horrible for you, but I can only imagine how much fun Elmo had chewing that to pieces. I love the little bites on the edge. Wonder if that's where it all began.

Carol said...

fingrs crossed that everything goes ok for you both this year...enjoy and see you soon xx

Hiking Hounds said...

Paws are crossed for a great weekend!

Sandra's Spot said...

Have a really lovely weekend. I am sure it will be relaxing and no dramas. Hugs Sandra XXX

Winnie said...

Hope the weekend went well. It must be such a busy time for you right now.

Love and licks, Winnie